I’m feeling that his effort is so bare minimum….

Hi Rikki,
Just wanted to reach out and let you know that he sent me a text yesterday which was like a funny little comedy clip I waited for a couple of hours and then responded with a lol type of thing. He didn’t say hi , how are you etc. just a random clip…
I’m feeling that his effort is so bare minimum that I don’t want to reach out a day before or whatever the suppose of date to confirm But maybe I’m being too sensitive I don’t know… I’m trying to take it easy. I know where 30 minute isn’t gonna be until next week or whatever but wanted to share that with you!
Hey girl,
No worries at all, I’m happy to hear from you.
This reminds me of a personal situation I had. I was dating this guy (we had been dating for about 3 months), and was starting to question if he was really interested in me, he never asked for exclusivity or for me to take down my online dating profile and I noticed that he never held my hand and that when we hung out it was usually because I initiated it. This was not feeling good for me so I decided test his intentions and stopped texting him. For an entire week I didn’t text him once (keep in mind we were texting daily), during that week he text me a few times but only sent a Meme – no hi, how are you? Haven’t heard from you? Want to make sure you’re ok? NOTHING. At the end of the week I sent him a text letting him know that this wasn’t working for me and wished him all the best. He replied that he was sorry to hear that and wished me all the best also.
This felt terrible and I was shocked that after 3 months, multiple dates, so much time spent talking that he didn’t even try to make amens. He just let me go.
Fast forward 3 months later I received a random email from him (and it was lengthly) saying that I broke his heart and that he thought we were building something special and that he couldn’t believe that I just threw it all away…… I was shocked because I thought HE was the one to throw it all away!
Moral of the story is that you never know what someone is thinking/ feeling – in hindsight I should have had a proper conversation with him before jumping to conclusions and ending it.
I know your situation is different in that you haven’t dated him yet BUT maybe the comedy clip is his way of saying Hi, I’m still here… Don’t forget about me.
Do I think that this would be enough effort once you’ve dated in person? No, defiantly not but since you haven’t met yet and have a tentative upcoming date maybe leave the ball in his court? Or take this as a sign that even though conversation has dipped his still waiting in the wings for his chance at an in person date and still reach out prior to? OR at this point if it’s starting to feel like too much work and it isn’t easy and fun like the beginning stages should be then you have every right to walk away.
Something to ponder…..