I’m giving him his space but I feel anxious and afraid

Hi Rikki,

I absolutely love your videos and definitely use them as I’m seeing this guy now. I’m hoping to get some advice though and really would appreciate your input.

I met this guy online and he lives about two hours away from me, in the same city as my sister. After weeks of calling and FaceTiming and I told him I was visiting my sister and he was very glad and we had our first date which went very well. Afterwards I thanked him on it about two days later and we talked but I noticed some distance. I did address it a week later and just wanted to know where his heads at. He told me that he had a great time with me but addressed a misunderstanding that I was going to meet another guy… I clarified it and said I meant my friend. Everything was okay and he told me that he was planning on coming to see me this weekend but his brother in law is very ill and he must go visit his family and he’s very stressed out because of it, which is understandable. But it’s been a whole week and I have not heard from him. I’m giving him his space like you said in your videos but I’m just anxious and afraid because he said everything is okay but I feel like it’s not. He also had deleted his dating profile.

My friend is telling me to move on but I don’t think it’s quite over yet. But I’m still torn.

I know it’s a lot but your input would be greatly appreciated!


Hey love,

There is nothing wrong with breaking the silence once you’ve hit your max. We have to have boundaries!! The key is to approach it with high value – ie not freaking out or jumping to anger. Being vulnerable is scary but a good way to bring him closer.

“I felt (insert feeling) when I didn’t hear from you for xx days.”

“I’m starting to care about you and when we usually speak daily and I didn’t hear from you I was worried”

And then insert your boundary about communication.

Now this only works if he is still interested in dating you. He could have also simply changed his mind. Or maybe his life feels heavy and he doesn’t have the head space right now. All you can do is approach him gently and go from there. Above all else focus on yourself! Do things that make you happy and bring you joy. Self love & self care go a long way in moments like these ❤️

Sending you love and big hugs 🤗



Hi Rikki,

Thanks for responding and your advice! I did approach him and he basically doesn’t have the head space and told me I deserve someone better. So I told him he’s right and thanked him for being honest. I feel he was sincere in his motives just not ready.

Thanks again for the advice you give! ☺️


You are so strong! Keep moving forward babe. Good things are on the way

❤️ Rikki