How Do I Control My Emotions?


I have a question I’m hoping to ask you….

How do I control my emotions when starting a relationship , I get very emotional….



Hey girl,

That is a really hard thing to determine over messaging. There are many reasons that could bring out emotions when starting a relationship.

In my experience many of my clients who feel this way are usually insecure with themselves. Relationships are mirrors that shine our insecurities back on us and can make them feel heightened.

The biggest tip I can give you is to create a happy an fulfilling life for yourself without a man. Learn to love yourself and give yourself everything you want from a man. Become so full of self love and respect that you feel as if you don’t NEED a man but rather it would be NICE to have a good partner to spend life with.

Once you can be happy and fulfilled on your own, your insecurities will fade along with the emotions tied to them.

If you want to dive into this further feel free to book a guidance call with me, you can find the details here –



Thank you!

This is such a great tip , I do have hard time loving myself and making myself  happy , I have hard time working on that. I think I will book a Guidance Call with you!