My Story

I was a love addict, or at least I loved the idea of being in love…..

I was bullied relentlessly by my male peers throughout junior high. This rejection from men brought forward low self-esteem and a deep rooted need for male validation. Unknowingly this set me up for a very rocky road towards love. My biggest weakness wasn’t that I lacked esteem but that I looked towards men for my worth & happiness.

I craved the love and attention of a man and from the ages of 16-32 I was in 4 back to back long term relationships. I didn’t take any time between each one to heal, to look inward or to even have some space to develop my own personality/ life. I was completely dependant on whoever I was dating for my happiness.

After 4 attempts at love, a heartbreaking divorce and many dates/ conversations that didn’t go anywhere I finally decided to take some time for self-discovery. I took 18 months off dating and devoted my life to MYSELF (which was very scary and foreign to me). I immersed myself in yoga and took 400+ hours of teacher training, dove deep into learning about the male mind, feminine/ masculine energy & relationships, travelled (a lot), spent time with friends & family but most importantly I learned how to be happy alone.

When I was ready to fall in love again I re-entered dating feeling strong, and secure BUT I loved my single life so much that I wasn’t in a rush. I knew that it would take a very special man for me to open my heart. Someone who would compliment my already great life and at the same time had his own great thing going on too.

With this new energy my dating experience was nothing like before, this time it was elevated, flirty and so much fun. And with the power of feminine energy behind me I met the love of my life.

A high quality man who is generous and kind and who was also ready for a deep committed, mature relationship. He was drawn to my energy and pursued me hard until he won my heart.

I transformed my life and brought forward the relationship of my dreams and I would love nothing more than to help you do the same!

❤️ Rikki