I help women unlock their feminine energy, build confidence & self-love and transform into a high-value Goddess whose magnetic to men!

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Hey babe!

I'm Rikki Dating Expert & Certified Coach ❤️

In 2015 my ex-husband left me and this was the most devastating moment of my life. My confidence took a massive hit and my self-worth disappeared.

Within a few years I ended up in a toxic relationship and I looked to my new boyfriend to make me happy. We fell into a destructive roller-coaster of extreme highs and lows.

After escaping that hell, I remember being afraid to let another man into my heart again.

Fast forward 8 years later…

My self-worth, confidence and self-love are at an all-time high. I am happy, thriving and radiating in my feminine energy. Today I’m madly in love with a thoughtful, caring and attentive man who is not only committed to our relationship but also to his own growth and self-improvement.

How did this happen?

I shifted focus from finding a relationship and put that energy into building myself up! I fell in love with myself again and began to understand my core needs/wants and desires. And, I educated myself about men – how they think, what they need and how to create balance in a relationship between his needs and mine.

After going through this experience, I came to realise that I was not alone. SO many women around the world are currently struggling in their love life.

This led me to discovering my true purpose which is helping women tap into their feminine energy and create their dream relationship without the heartache and repeating negating dating patterns.

I work with women who want to learn how to deeply love herself, to build unbreakable self-confidence and learn about men/ our differences so you can create a healthy and satisfying relationship without the pain of regrets.

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Client Testimonials

“Real men don’t love the most beautiful women in the world, they love the women who can make their world the most beautiful”

~ Unknown