Dating Advice for Women

The 7 Secrets to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

Discover why lowering your standards when attracting men can be detrimental to your happiness and self-worth. And learn how to attract a partner who truly appreciates and respects you for the amazing woman that you are.

Uncover the importance of healing and why we must let go and not project the past onto your dates.

Learn how developing the right mindset when attracting a man, as it sets the foundation for self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. The right mindset will enable you to attract a partner who aligns with your values, respects your boundaries and cherishes the incredible woman that you are!

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120 Questions to Ask the Man You're Dating

This manual will equip you with questions that you can use at all stages of dating!  

Have you just started seeing a guy and want to know his values, lifestyle, or how he handles himself under conflict? You will find important questions that will help you determine if he is an ideal partner for you. 

Or are you ready to go deeper with your man? Uncover questions that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s core needs, desires and priorities fostering a stronger connection and enabling you to to cultivate a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.


This guide will help you:

  • Know if you’re dating the right guy for you

  • Uncover important information about your man and his life that will either bring you closer or help you decide if you want to stay

  • Understand your man, his needs and desires that will strengthen your bond and make you a woman he can’t live without



Understanding Feminine Energy

“A woman who sources her creativity and energy from taking exquisite care of herself is more powerful than one who pushes so hard that she exhausts herself and is no longer experiencing joy and pleasure.”~ Rachel Rossitto

Enhance your life and dating experience by learning tools to increase your feminine energy. These tools will bring you back to your core and connect you with all of the things that make you a beautiful feminine Goddess.

A woman who is powerful, confident and magnetic to men.

This eGuide will:

  • Teach you everyday tools you can implement today to increase feminine energy

  • Help you create polarity to build love and passion between you and a man

  • Give you the power to relax, lean back and create space for to enjoy the dating process

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Becoming A Goddess

Let’s face it – modern dating isn’t easy! It’s impossible to resist the urge to compare as social media floods us with images of the “perfect couple” dusted with a romanticized view of what love is. Building healthy relationships is even more challenging with dating apps that advertise the idea of finding great love at the swipe of a finger. Sadly, all this has done is given people access to endless amounts of profiles, making relationships seem disposable and promoting a culture of short-term hook-ups rather than healthy long term connections. A culture that’s hurting women even more as it’s easier than ever for men to rope us in with the allure of love, then ghost after sex, energy and time is invested.

It’s exhausting and many women are at a loss, and have either given up on any real connection, have settled for mediocre love, or are stressed and stuck in “situationships”.

So, how do we – as women – avoid the hassle of being sucked in by emotionally unavailable men? And how do we meet men who are ready for and desire long-term commitment?

By becoming a Goddess! This no-nonsense guide will teach you how to step into the power of your feminine energy and become a women whose irroestiable to men!

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Tools that will make navigating dating and relationships effortless
  • How to unlock your feminine energy and develop a healthy loving relationship with yourself 
  • How to understand men, masculine energy and the key differences between us
  • How to form deep connections with men that speak and maintain long-term commitment
Dating expert and certified coach Rikki Dymond shares her real life experience and proven techniques that will radically change your mindset, the way you date and the quality of men you attract. 
Lean her strategies and must-know skills and discover how to date in a way that is easy, fun and leads you to the relationship of your dreams.

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