Right now I’m in a ‘situationship’….

Hi Rikki!

I watch all your TikToks and they’re super helpful! Right now I’m in a ‘situationship’ and I was hoping you could help me figure out what’s going on 🙂
1- We’ve been involved for 5/6 months
2- Spend a lot of time together and do activities that help us bond, and even give each other presents in special occasions
3- we argue and try to improve to make our “friendship” work
4- everyone thinks we’re dating (i also know his family, he knows mine and they both love us)
5- We say we’re just friends (even tho I have talked to him and he said he doesn’t know what he wants)
I don’t want to ask him again just in case… he got out of a +2 year relationship in the begging of last year… I honestly think we’re in a relationship, but idk when he’s going to be ‘ready’ to ask me out!
Thank you Rikki, I truly appreciate your help and all your content 💋


Hey Love,
Thanks so for reaching out!! I’m glad my videos are helping you navigate through this time
That sounds like you are truly in a situationship.
I think the main thing to get clear on is what YOU want….
Is this enough for you?
If you invest all of this time with him and he ends up with someone else because you’re “just friends” how would that make you feel?
I always caution my girls to be careful in situations like this because what you have now could be all you end up with….
Sending you love ❤️