The thing is… He has a girlfriend.

Hey how are you? I need some advice. Well, I like someone, and there are chances he likes me too. The thing is… He has a girlfriend. I know it can sounds silly and I should probably just walk away but he acts like he was single. And our energies match quite well. Do you think maybe it’s because he’s not satisfied of his relationship? I mean, I know he’s not seeing her very often and they don’t live far away! He told me one night he was interested in me, but at this moment I wasn’t sure he was single so i behaved as he was in a relationship (and u was right then haha). When we message he replies really, really fast. What should I do?


Hey girl,

That’s a tough situation. I have two thoughts on this:
1 – if this is how he acts when he’s in a relationship is that the kind of partner you’d like to have? Maybe he would be different with you, maybe that’s just how he is.
2 – if something happens between you two and he promises that he’ll leave his girlfriend but ends up stringing you along, how would that be for you?
There he always a chance it could work out between you two! But there are also other less desirable outcomes to a situation like this. He might not be satisfied in his relationship, he might also be the kind of guy whose never satisfied and always searching for more. Have you asked about his girlfriend or mentioned that it seems like he’s interested but you thought he was in a relationship. You could try opening the conversation with him about where he stands relationship wise.
I still really caution you with getting involved with a guy whose in a relationship.

Lots of love,