But he started to text with many hours in-between….

Hi Rikki,

I love your videos and think that they are really helpful!

I went on two date with a guy we talked and we wrote a lot and before we met each other we face timed for three times
after the second date we wrote a little bit but he started to text suddenly only with many hours in between
and one time even with one day in between and I liked him actually but now we don’t text anymore and it’s like we don’t even know each other I don’t know what to do now? How can I forget him or should I text him?


Hey girl,
That is tough! It can be hard to let go of someone we felt a connection with.
If you’ve only been on two dates and the communication has slowed that much it halted altogether is he is likely either not emotionally available or he’s just not that into you.
I know that doesn’t feel great when you like someone but I wouldn’t chase someone who isn’t putting in the effort you deserve.
Put your energy into yourself and when the right guy comes along you will know. He will be consistent and you won’t have to worry or guess about if he’s into you or not ❤️
Good luck babe 😘