How To Use Your Feminine Energy To Find The Answers You Seek

Use this exercise anytime you feel flustered, annoyed, angry, confused, or just need general guidance. 
Find a comfortable place to sit
Close your eyes and start to tap into how you feel
Do a scan from head to toe and notice how you feel emotionally, physically & energetically
Place your hands on your belly and take 3-4 deep breaths (in the nose and out the mouth – fill your lungs fully/ empty them fully)
Feel your body relax
Now ask yourself why do I feel this way?
And then break down the why even further until you uncover the root of your feelings
Sit with this for a moment and continue to deep breath
In this moment of surrender you will be flowing with feminine energy
Tap into your gut response – this is where your decision should come from
Connecting to your feminine energy and listening to your gut response will always lead you down the correct path ❤️
Yoga and meditation are another beautiful way to calm the mind, unlock your Feminine Energy and uncover the answers you seek. Feel free to join me for live or on-demand virtual yoga classes – register for class here ->